Vision Roller Blinds Sheffield

At 1st Call Premier Blinds, we provide some new innovative products that provide all the practicality of traditional blinds, but with a more modern contemporary feel.

Using the same ideas as roller and venetian blinds, vision roller blinds (or day and night blinds) allow you to choose the level of natural lighting you let into your home, more precisely.  It does this by using two layers of materials that overlap, either in a completely closed position side by side, or held in place so that one layer can slide behind the another, permitting a certain level of sunlight to get through.  Using the same technique as venetian blinds with vertical slats that can be adjusted, these vision roller blinds, Sheffield based 1st Call Premier Blinds provide, can also be adjusted to cover all or just part of your window, much like our roller blinds, to your exact needs and preferences. 

Adjusting from a vertical striped look to a solid block of colour, your rooms are provided with a style and elegance that will suit any part of a residential home or work place environment.  Available from us in a choice of wood grain or metallic styles, as well as other choices in colour, we are confident you will find exactly the look you want.

Our one way vision roller blinds give you privacy without limiting what you can see from your window.  Do you want to be able to let plenty of light in and be free to enjoy the scenes from outside your own window?  But are you tired of people passing by and being able to look through your windows, thereby impacting on your privacy and space?  Contact us today for a chat about the choice of one way vision roller blinds, Sheffield based 1st Call Premier Blinds have to offer you.